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 All India Milli Council is a common and united platform of the Muslims in India. Its establishment was decided by the "Ittehad-e-Millat" Conference in May 1992. Its constitution was prepared at Delhi in August 1992 and it was given final shape at Mysore in November 1992. A non-political body, the AIMMM does not participate in elections but it has been guiding the Muslim community at the time of parliamentary or assembly elections with the objective of strengthening the secular forces.Milli council has been consistently engaged over the years in promoting communal harmony, Hindu-Muslim unity, national integration and inter-group reconciliation.It is completely free from any political patronage or favoritism so as ensure that the truth is projected without any fear and pressure.

 The All india Milli Council's Gujarat Chapter was formed under the shadow of large-scale communal riots in Gujarat in 2002.

 All india Milli Council's Gujarat Chapter was was established with the patronage and guidance of Hazrat Maulana Abdul Ahadsaheb Tarapuri (D.B) , whose twelve years of endeavor and hardship led the call of Gujarat Milli Council to every nook and corner of the country and a large number of able and active people were attracted towards it.At present due to old age and ilness, his son Mufti Rizwan Tarapuri qasmi has taken over presidentship of Gujarat Milli Council, he is also principal--Mohtamim Madrasa Jamia Ibn Abass, Sarkhej.Ahmedabad. Mufti Rizwan is well assited by general secretary, Abdul hafiz lakhani, who is also a very senior journalist and editor of a Gujarati fortnightly Gujarat siyasat -Powerful and hardhitting Muslim newspaper.

Milli Council has always restricted itself from emotional and violent ways and adopted rational and constructive approach. Milli Council has worked for the noble cause of uniting and integrating the community and has created an environment of unity and harmony with an ultimate grand goal the Milli council has been serving in a large sphere and has been awakening the community and informing the Members of our community, of the dangers and apprehensions. Milli council’s way of thought has always been based on facts; creating a feeling of protecting the valuable assets of the community, as against distress and dejection. It has created initiative spirit among the Muslim youth and stimulated the community to protect its identity at all costs.

Gujarat Milli Council has strived hard to free the community from inferiority complex and defensive and terrorized attitude, it has also strived in protecting the merits of democracy, to create a favorable public opinion against fascism and build an environment of fraternity, confidence and respect among the countrymen. “Alhamdulillah” it has been continually active on this mission and its activities are going on in the GUJARAT.


Our other Services

o   To report truthfully about events happening around the globe.

o    To lend a voice to the minority communities, at all levels.

o    To create awareness about the due rights of the weaker communities, especially Muslims.

o   To unveil the negative propaganda and misinformation about Muslims and Islam, as well as against other minorities and weaker sections of our society by the negative forces.

o   To guide the Muslim community towards a positive and constructive role to contribute to the development of a peaceful, strong and self-confident community, a democratic India and a free world.

o   To pave way for a world which seeks to develop and prosper on the basis of dialogue and cooperation.


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All India Milli Council, Gujarat

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