Aims & Objectives

Following are the aims and objectives of the AIMC
> To develop unity and collectivism among the Muslims on the basis of Kalma-e-Taiyyeba and strive to make the Muslims discharge their duties in this country in the capacity of the best Ummah.
> To adopt reasonable measures for the safety of life, property and dignity of Muslims.
> To strive for safeguarding the religious and cultural identity of the Muslims and to coordinate and cooperate with the various efforts being undertaken in this regard.
> To mobilize the public opinion against fast spreading fascism, communal hatred and violence in the country.
> To strengthen the good-will and brotherhood among all the religious communities and units in India and to develop a deep sense of mutual trust among them.
> To strive for the safety of life, property, honour and culture of all the citizens of India, especially, the minorities and the oppressed class.
> To reinstate courage and confidence in the Muslims so also that they do not consider themselves as second class citizens in this country and rather believe that they can equally enjoy and share the seat of power as per the constitution and that they have to play their due role in the development of the country and in establishing a system which guarantees social justice.
> To strive for the establishment of ‘Makatib’ and ‘Madaris’ for religious education, schools and colleges for modern education, institutions, colleges, medical centers for professional education; institutions in the field of various vocational trades with an aim to provide the Muslim a level playing field for their intellectual growth and due reward of their efforts.
> To plan for the educational and economic progress and social welfare of Muslims.To develop proactive leadership in the Muslims right from local to national level so that the above mentioned aims and objectives can be accomplished.
> To co-ordinate and consolidate the institutional efforts in this regard.
> To develop political and collective awareness among Muslims and make them aware of the complexities of the situation and provide them adequate guidance.



For the accomplishment of the above mentioned aims and objectives, following departments are active in the AIMC keeping in view the need, situation and problems

a. Department of Research and Analysis

b. Department of strategic Planning

c. Department of Dawah and Tableegh (Propagation of Islam)

d. Department of Religious Education

e. Department of Technical Education

f. Department of Modern Education

g. Department of Protection of Shariah & Social Reforms

h. Department of Social Service

i. Department of Human Rights and Justice

j. Department of Economic Affairs

k. Department of Political Affairs

l. Department of Media

m. Department of Legal Aid


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