Office Bearers

ALL INDIA MILLI COUNCIL (National ) - Office Bearer

 President :

1. Hazrat Maulana Abdullah Mughaisi Sahab Azaradvi

General Secretary : 

1. Dr. Manzoor Alam Sahab




Hazrat Maulana Abdul Ahad Qasmi Tarapuri (Founder Member AIMC )


1. Mufti Rizwan Qasmi Tarapuri, Ahmedabad

Vice Presidents :

1. Muneer Bhai Khairuwala, Baroda

2. Maulana Alif NaqshBandi, Bhuj

3. Maulana Akhtar Rizvi sahab

General Secretary :

1. Abdul Hafiz Lakhani, Ahmedabad

Asst. General Secretary :

1. Abdul Aziz Dangiwala, Baroda

Treasurer :

1. Zahid Bhai Kainchiwala, Ahmedabad



1.  Mohammed Kaleem Siddiqui, Ahmedabad

2. Master Iqbal Patni, Ahmedabad

3. Maulana Abdul Haq, Borsad

4. Advocate I M Munshi, Ahmedabad

5. Maulana Suleman Ali Mohammed, Saberkantha

6. Yaqoob Gulam Bhai Chamadia, Saberkantha

7. Maulan Suhel, Napa

8.  Sukeman Bhai Buzurg, Kuchh Bhuj

9. Anwer Bhai Mazor, Kuchh Bhuj

10. N R Pathan ( Rtd. Judge), Ahmedabad

11. Faisal Bhai Vohra, Ahmedabad

12. Ibrahim Bhai Siddiqui, Ahmedabad

13. Owais Bhai Vohra, Surendra Nagar

14. Haji Mirza Israr Baig,  Ahmedabad

15. Ibrahim Bhai Cyclewale, Baroda

16. Fareed Bhai Cutpiece wale, Baroda

17. Maulana Garvi Sahib (Shiya Panth), Ahmedabad


OFFICE BEARERS – AHMEDABAD CHAPTER                                                                     


1. Mohammed kaleem siddiqui, Ahmedabad


OFFICE BEARERS – SABARKANTHA CHAPTER                                                                     


1. Maulana Khadim Lalpuri, Sabarkantha



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